Semalt Expert: Big Data Analytics And Why It Matters

Big data, the once ‘big’ buzz word in the past 20th century, has now become a norm for many companies, both big and small. Big data analytics and other associated analysis approaches are being used increasingly by companies to support their management as well serve their customers more efficiently.

According to Igor Gamanenko, the Semalt, Customer Success Manager, big data analytics means focusing on the right information, analyzing the information in real time, and using the results to make strategic business decisions. As such, it is an integral part of every company that wants to remain competitive or grow. Big data has become the basis of most innovation works and greatly helps to improve business performance and customer service.

Here is how big data analytics helps in business:

  • Get a better understanding of your organization: big data analysis helps you to understand your organization better. You get to know how different business sections are performing and measure how efficient they are. Through this analysis, prescriptive measures can be taken to make the workforce and business processes more efficient.
  • Understand the market and your competitors’ strategies: with big data analytics, you can go ahead of the competition. Results of big data analysis present reliable insights about the market. A lot of sentiments about competitors are also unearthed. These insights and sentiments help to create strategies and make the right decisions for the business.
  • New products and services: by analyzing the big chunks of information generated during transactions and interactions with customers, a business can understand in a better way what a customer wants. With this understanding, the business can not only provide better after-sales services but also get innovative with regard to producing new products and services.
  • Monitor your brand: to make a reputable brand in today’s business world you have to make sure that your online presence is well-managed. Big data analytics enable an organization that is active in social media to monitor its brand more precisely. The analysis gives a good idea of how the organization is viewed on the web. The analysis results also inform on the areas that may need to be improved.
  • Minimize the risk of making wrong decisions: big data analytics provides valuable insights that help to avoid faulty decision-making. Making wrong business decisions can be lethal to business, and this is the reason every serious business tries as much as it can to make data-driven decisions. There isn’t a better way to make informed decisions than using big data analytics.


When big data analytics are done properly, a business can discover the most hidden insights, lower risks, and improve decision-making. Leveraging your data can easily create a competitive advantage for your business and set the basis for remarkable growth.

As technology continues to be a major disruption in business, big data and analytics gain more potential to shape the business. In industries such as manufacturing, big data analytics is almost claiming the core of digital factories. More and more professionals are acknowledging the importance of analytics. In the near future, analytics will be an integral part of real-time performance insight, as well as real-time logistics and quality analysis production.