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Capriotti's Franchise

Sandwich Shop

Start-up Costs & Franchises Fees

What is the total cost to open a Capriotti's Franchises?

Total Cost: $161,000 USD -$324,500
Total Franchise Fees: $50,000 USD
Ongoing Royalty Fees: 7 1/2%
Ongoing Advertising Fees: Not Available

Contact Information for Capriotti's

Capriotti's Sandwich Shop
5130 S. Fort Apache Rd
Las Vegas, NV

Phone Number: (866) 959-FRESH (3737)

Franchise Homepage:

Historical Expansion

In what year did Capriotti's begin operations? 1976
When did Capriotti's begin selling franchises? 1987

Franchise Financing Information

Cost In House Financing Available? 3rd Party Financing Available?
Franchise Fee No Not Available
Initial Start-up Capital No Not Available
Plant, Property, and Equipment No Not Available
Inventory No Not Available
Accounts Receivable No Not Available
Payroll No Not Available

3rd Party Financing Available? Financing Source(s): We do not provide financing. Capriotti's Sandwich Shop, Inc. and several of our franchise business owners have established relationships with several preferred lenders, including Small Business Administration (SBA)

Training & Support

Within two months prior to your opening, you will complete the 3 level Capriotti's University training program including on-line training, three weeks of in-store training and one week of classroom offered at our corporate headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. Your visit will give you the full flavor of the Capriotti's experience.

Franchise Analyzer Professional's Inside Information

Can you buy this franchise for no money down? Yes
What key terms in the franchise agreement can be negotiated? Cross-default provisions, arbitration clause, personal guarantee, default cure periods, non-compete agreement, favorable valuations for corporate buyout
Can you negotiate lower royalties during start-up? Yes
Can you purchase multiple franchises for a discounted franchise fee? Yes
Can you receive lower advertising fees? Yes
Will I know when the franchise break even? Yes
Will my personal assets including my home be safe in case my franchise business fails? Yes
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